Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Ecole Publique Gabrielle-Roy, Toronto  
Restoration of the Windows of the Main Facade  

The Ecole Publique Gabrielle-Roy, originally known as the Duke of York Public School, was constructed in 1929 by architect C E C Dyson.

Designed in the Collegiate-Gothic style, it is comprised of yellow brick walls and operable black-painted steel windows. The brickwork is accented with various decorative brick patterns and limestone ornamentation.

Le Conseil scolaire publique du district Centre-Sud-Ouest was our client. The work entailed the restoration of 190 original steel-framed windows. We prepared a feasibility study, followed by a separate mock-up contract to repair three different window types, and a construction contract to repair the windows on the main facade.

The were two types of windows: rectangular hollow-metal double-hung windows and hot-rolled steel windows, some of which had sculptural shapes.

The project cost was $800,000, and it was completed in 1999.

Ecole Publique Gabrielle-Roy, Toronto
Main Facade - 1999 (Photo: SHA)