Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg  
Restoration of the Architectural Fabric and the Golden Boy Sculpture  

The Manitoba Legislature is one of the finest monumental governmental buildings constructed in Canada. Influenced by Beaux Arts Classicism, the Legislature was designed by the English architect Frank Simon and was completed in 1920.

The Golden Boy, a magnifecent guilded figure, graces the top of the Legislature Dome, and is perhaps Manitoba's best known symbol.

The Manitoba Department of Governmental Services commissioned Dillon Consulting and Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated in 1992 to conduct a major study on the condition of the exterior stone masonry and related structural elements. The resulting reports formed the basis of a phased programme of conservation.

Our firm has completed three projects so far: the Main Entrance Portico Restoration (1994); the Entrances, Tower and Roof conservation packages (2002); and the Golden Boy Sculpture Restoration (2003).

The initial project included underpinning of the stair foundations, resetting of the stone blocks on the roof, and the installation of a new internal roofing system. The Entrances, Tower and Roof project required detailing of the copper dome replacement, and extensive ironwork restoration. The Golden Boy Sculpture project included the development of a detailed 3-D model and the preparation of specifications for the restoration work.

Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg
Main Entrance Portico - 2008