Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Lemiux Island Water Purification Plant  
Restoration and Repairs  

Built in 1912, the Lemiux Island Water Purification Plant is primarily Neo-classical in style, though an extensive Art Deco Administration Building was added in 1930. The building has a concrete framed structure, solid brick and brick veneer walls, and limestone accents. A hip roofed penthouse surmounts the building.

Working in conjunction with CH2M Gore and Storrie Limited, our firm prepared a masonry evaluation and conservation strategy. Repairs included masonry repointing; copper roof repairs; selective rebuilding, cleaning and grouting of the Chemical Tower and Administration Building; and the overhaul of the Penthouse metal windows.

Work was completed in 1993. The construction cost was $1.6 million phased over three years.


Water Purification Plant Lemiux Island, Ottawa
Chemical Tower - 1993