Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Peace Tower, Ottawa  
Conservation of the Masonry and Related Work  

The Neo-gothic Revival Peace Tower is an 88 metre high sandstone-clad concrete structure, featuring prominently in front of the Centre Block on Parliament Hill.

The first stage of the $250 million Parliament Hill restoration programme was the repair and conservation of the Peace Tower, including the Memorial Chamber for Canada's war-dead which is located on the second floor of the Tower.

We were retained by Public Works and Government Services to prepare a report assessing the condition of the exterior envelope, with particular attention to the condition of the roof coverings and stone masonry. We devised a strategy for envelope repairs in order of priority, with a weighted budget containing all major items of work.

Our firm prepared all contract documents, and developed innovative hydraulic lime motar and micro-cement grouting specifications. Additional work included detailing of repairs to the copper roofs, the installation of lead weatherings, the restoration of the clock faces and the replacement of the observation deck with a new bronze-framed enclosure. The window system manufacturer was Soheil Mosun Limited.

The overall construction value was $7 million. The project was completed in 1997.

Peace Tower, Ottawa
1997 (Photo:SHA)