Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto  
Structural, Roofing and Interior Restorations  

St. Anne's Anglican Church (1909) is a National Heritage Monument that features important Group-of-Seven murals on its walls and ceiling.

We have worked with the parish since 1985 developing a comprehensive plan for the restoration of the Byzantine-style building, starting with the repair of the dome and roof structure in 1989.

In 1999 we designed and managed the installation of an insulated slate roof. As part of the work we prepared a full set of measured drawings for the building, and an Heritage Structures Report.

In 2000 we completed the first stage of a comprehensive interior rehabilitation project to protect and stabilise the Group of Seven wall paintings. As part of this phase of work, the washrooms and basic services for the building were upgraded.

In 2005 we completely rehabilitated the two east front belfry towers. Work included copperwork, moulded rendering, brick repairs and woodwork.

All projects thus far have been completed on schedule and budget to the client's full satisfaction.



St. Anne's Anglican Church - Toronto
Above - Slate Roof Replacement - 1999

Below - Belfry Towers Rehabilitation - 2005