Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

St. George's Anglican Church, Pickering  
Restoration and Rehabilitation  

St. George's Anglican Church is a single-storey brick structure dating from 1859-61. Designed in the Old English style, it has beautifully crafted brickwork, a steeply-pitched shingle roof and a belfry fleche. The simple Victorian interior has been faithfully restored to reflect the original architectural style and finishes.

We first prepared a report on the condition of the church's structure and fabric, complete with a prioritised schedule of work. The work included the restoration of exterior stone and brickwork, the replacement of the shingle roof with treated wood shingles, and the replacement of roof flashings and rainwater leaders. In addition, we restored the windows, installed window drips, strengthened the roof trusses, and restored the bell-tower. Fire and life-safety upgrades were also included, as were an heritage paint analysis to determine original finishes.

The interiors were completely restored. New mechanical and electrical systems were installed in a new, expanded basement. Floors, screen and interior furnishings were restored and re-installed, and interior walls were re-plastered and finished in the original colour scheme.

The exterior restoration was completed in 1984 while the interior restoration was done five years later, in 1989. The total project cost was $500,000.

St. George's Anglican Church, Pickering
Exterior View - 2007