Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Teacher's College, Ottawa  
Exterior Restoration  

The Teacher's College, originally built between 1874 and 1892, is a solid limestone masonry structure with a heavy wooden truss attic.

The College was fully restored and integrated into the new governmental headquarters complex. Working in conjunction with Moriyama & Teshima Architects, our firm oversaw the restoration of the exterior envelope and provided advise on the heritage aspects of the project, including the interior rehabilitation work.

Our first task was to prepare a historic structures report and a structural survey on the condition of the building.

The specific restoration work included specialized masonry cleaning, roof truss repairs, and the development of an insulated slate roof assembly. We also prepared the restoration design and detailing of the cast iron and wrought iron decorative work, as well as the development of a high efficiency window system utilising the existing window frames and sashes.

The total value of the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Government Centre project was $60 million, of which the heritage work was $6 million. The project was completed in 1990. The building is now the Heritage Wing of Ottawa City Hall.

Teacher's College, Ottawa
South-east exterior - 1993 (Photo:SHA)
Teacher's College, Ottawa
Centre Roof - 1993 (Photo:SHA)