Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Haldimand County Court House Jail Wall, Cayuga  
Assessment, repair and upgrades of exterior sandstone walls  

The 5m high rubble masonry Jailyard Walls of the Courthouse were constructed in 1877 in local limestone and capped with Cleveland sandstone. SHA was retained by Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (OILC) to repair the severely deteriorated wall and upgrade security arrangements in the Sally Port area. A temporary Sally Port was constructed outside the wall for use during the year long construction period. Security upgrades to the Jail.

Assessment, repair and upgrades of exterior sandstone walls of the Exercise Yard and Isolation Yard of the Courthouse Facility. Preparation of Cost Estimates in house. Masonry Conservator services. Design and scheduling with phased construction schedule to maintain uninterrupted court services during construction, coordination with the Ministry of the Attorney General. Preparation of Contract Documents for repair of Jail yard walls including access upgrades to accommodate prisoner vehicles, repointing and low-pressure hydraulic lime grouting, rebuilding of coping, gate access, foundation repairs, electrical and security work including temporary Sally Port and related, upgraded access roadways.





Haldimand County Court House with Jail Yard Wall. - 2013
Jail Yard Entrance Gate. - 2013
Temporary Sally Port. - 2013