Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Toronto  

Heritage Structures Report,


The Ontario Legislative Building was erected in 1893 in the Richardsonian
Romanesque style to the initial design by Architect Richard A. Waite. In1909 after a disasterous fire, a significant rebuild and addition to the westwas made to the design of Architect E. J. Lennox, and concurrently a new library was constructed to the north to the design of George W. Guinlock.

Phase One (2012) comprised of an investigation and documentation of the
Substructure, Shell, Interiors, and Building Sitework components.
A Heritage Character Analysis was prepared resulting in a Statement of Historic Value, History, Chronology, and Heritage Character Attributes for the building and site.

A detailed room schedule matrix, heritage character zone diagrams, building
character and building stone type graphics (Illustrated below) and a resource document list were compiled. A compilation of illustrative figures including historic photographs and plans was compiled as an appendix
to the main reports.

Phase Two (2011) concentrated on the preparation of a conservation strategy
for the mechanical and electrical services. A detailed anlysis of the
services was preparate and Options for a mechanical retrofit strategy were

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Aerial View - 2011

Legislative Chamber, 2011

south elevation
South elevation depicting stone types, 2011