Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Doric Masonic Hall, Pickering  
Historic Structure Report  

The Doric Masonic Hall, the former meeting House of the Society of Friends, or Quakers, was built in 1868. An example of the Greek Revival style, the 1½ storey orange brick building has high ceilings, and was originally constructed with gable ends. It was later rebuilt with hipped roofs after a fire in 1908. In 1942 the Masonic Lodge purchased the building.

Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated prepared a condition survey of the heavily deteriorated random rubble stone foundation, the solid brick loadbearing brick exterior, and the wood substructure and architectural wood elements. We prepared a detailed report with recommendations for treatment and repair.

The report was completed in 2001.

Doric Masonic Hall, Pickering
Exterior View - 2001